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GM Flint Paint Shop

Project Overview

Gallagher-Kaiser has had a presence at General Motors Flint for many years. When GM committed to building a new paint shop, G-K was awarded the major project.

The project, which includes a new building, as well as, new process equipment, began in February 2014 and is slated to be completed in 2016. Flint is the third new paint facility in North America to use an environmentally friendly wet-coat paint process.

Stay tuned for more news regarding this exciting project.

Paint Shop Facts:

  • 596,000 square foot building located on land South of Flint Assembly
  • Approximately 10,000 tons of steel will be erected by 3 large cranes over a 7 month period
  • Total concrete are of 1.3 million square feet or 20,000 cubic yards
  • Full production is scheduled for third quarter 2016

Paint Shop Environmental Facts:

  • 90 percent reduction in sludge to landfill
  • Facility will use 20 percent gas and 40 percent less electricity
  • Improved air management
  • Energy Star rated

Paint Quality Facts:

  • Latest Waterborne Integrated Process ( 3 Wet) Topcoat System
  • First class appearance
  • Improved sealers and coating to increase corrosion resistance